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Durable Medical Equipment

Here you will find a variety of equipment selected just for you to help you manage the day-to-day life both before and after joint replacement surgery.

7-Piece Hip Kit:

As your arthritis progresses, you may find you do not quite have the flexibility, or range of motion, that you used to. Day-to-day tasks have likely become more challenging for you. You are not alone! Fortunately, there is a variety of simple tools designed to make basic tasks throughout your day easier. Make everything from sitting down to put on your socks to bending over to grab something on the floor much easier with these essentials. Many of our patients find these tools invaluable while recovering from hip or knee replacement surgery. Try this helpful hip and knee kit. You may find the extended grabber, long reach shoehorn, and sock aid incredibly useful!

Ice Packs:

Ice packs are among the essential list of items necessary to a patient both before and after surgery. You cannot "Ice and Elevate" properly without the help of this reusable, moldable gel ice pack. The challenge most patients face is the difficulty of finding an ice pack large enough, and shaped well enough, to ice down a big joint like a hip or knee. This is the beauty of this product. A moldable ice pack may be just what you are looking for at the end of a long day when those knees are aching or that hip will not stop throbbing. One hundred percent of our patients will use ice packs for several weeks after surgery for several hours each day. We encourage you to find one that will stay cold longer, and be more convenient to use during your recovery.

Knee Braces:

Knee sleeves and knee braces are an absolute staple of orthopedic care. We are asked multiple times each day about the benefits of these support devices. You cannot walk by the pharmacy shelves or your local sporting goods store without seeing one of these. The biggest question to ask yourself is which type of device you are looking for. Your standard knee sleeves are designed to provide gentle compression and support while you are on the move. It is best for minor knee discomfort following small knee injuries. It does well for dealing with mild to moderate arthritis and manages swelling fairly well. This can easily fit under your clothing.

A full sized knee brace often serves a very different purpose. This is a bulkier device designed primarily to provide support and stability to your knee. People who use these braces are often recovering from a more severe knee injury and require the additional support of a strong hinge. Additionally, these are ideal for patients who have concerns for instability when their knee "buckles" or "gives out" on them. Patients dealing with severe, often times bone on bone, arthritis routinely use these devices.

Have you tried wearing a knee brace to help make staying active a bit more bearable? Try a simple sleeve or a more durable hinged brace. Available in multiple sizes!

Ambulatory Devices:

There is no shame in needing the assistance of a cane or walker! In fact, every single one of our post-op patients are required to use a walker for the first two weeks after surgery. This is designed to slow you down while you heal and assist you as you relearn to walk following surgery. Once you are feeling confident, we will transition you to a cane. Again, DO NOT feel ashamed, embarrassed, or "old" simply because you are using a cane or walker. These products are designed to keep you safe and make walking more comfortable when your hip or knee is hurting. Do not let your ego or pride prevent you from using a device that enables you to keep your independence. The last thing we want to see is you falling down and hurting yourself when it could have easily been avoided! Consider one of these adjustable ambulatory devices sooner rather than later.

Car Cane Multi-Tool:

This is just one of those products you have to see to believe. The car cane is designed to make getting into and out of vehicles easier than ever. Whether you have a lower sportier car or a larger SUV, this car cane can fit them all. It fits right into the door latch and acts as a handle, which allows you to lower yourself in or pull yourself up and out of your vehicle. No more awkwardly twisting and positioning yourself in an attempt to avoid hurting your hip. As an added bonus, this particular device has additional safety features including a flashlight, widow breaker, and seatbelt cutter. This is an affordable, convenient option to improve you quality of life overnight!

Specialty Items:

Trying to keep active but looking for some additional equipment to get you started or make it easier? Consider these great options. We expect all of our patients to return to normal, active lifestyles following surgery. One of the most common activities we see our patients engage in are things like Yoga, Pilates, Zumba, and various other Aerobics classes. Many people ask what types of equipment they may need after surgery to get them back into their classes with the least amount of interruption. These yoga knee pads are perfectly designed to provide a little extra cushion when doing that Child’s Pose following your knee replacement. Additionally, these resistance bands will be household items for absolutely everyone working hard in physical therapy after their surgery. Consider picking up a pack of progressively increasing resistance bands today in preparation for post-op recovery. Even if you are not having surgery, they are a great way to get those muscles stretched out and loosen up!

Nutrition, Supplementation, and Personal Care

Here you will find a variety of over the counter products selected specifically with you in mind. Check a few out to see if they may be of use to you!


Many of you may have heard in recent news about "natural anti-inflammatories" and certain dietary supplements intended to decrease inflammation in your body without the need for high dose NSAIDS (like Advil or Aleve). While these NSAIDs have proven benefits, they are not appropriate for everyone. In many instances, you may be unable to take these medications because of other health factors or current medications you are on. This is what makes Turmeric so nice. It is a spice commonly used in Indian cuisine and can be found naturally occurring in many other foods. There are entire "anti-inflammatory diets" designed with these types of supplements in mind. Black pepper is thought to increase the amount of turmeric your body is able to absorb, making this combination supplement a convenient and easy way to decrease inflammation naturally.

Glucosamine and Chondroitin:

Anyone suffering from arthritis has likely heard of these supplements a few hundred times. In short, Glucosamine and Chondroitin are the components found in healthy cartilage throughout your body. Cartilage is the white stuff on the end of a chicken bone that enables the bones to move smoothly and freely without pain. It is present in all of our joints too! With arthritis, this cartilage begins to deteriorate. As it breaks down the ends of the bones in your joint are no longer smooth and movement begins to become more painful. Although there is no guarantee this will work for you, many people swear by a daily capsule of these supplements to ease joint pain all day long!

Scar Cream:

Many of our patients ask us what types of lotions and ointments they are able to rub on their skin following surgery. We always ask that they wait until the incision is fully healed before making the decision to apply anything over the area. Once it is safe to do so, many of our patients have begun using hydrating lotions with Vitamin E. There is conflicting evidence on whether or not the benefit is real but we will let you decide for yourself. Vitamin E is an antioxidant and helps fight free radicals, whichare known to delay healing. Additionally it has a positive effect on collagen production, which contributes to strong skin. This might be exactly what you need to mobilize and desensitize that incision after surgery!

Hemp Products:

This line of products is a hot topic in our world today. You cannot drive by the local nutrition store (or even gas station) without seeing a sign advertising CBD oils and Hemp products. There is much debate over the effectiveness of these substances. We have a handful of patients who swear by them so strongly that they are no longer relying on the traditional over-the-counter medications to treat their arthritic pain. We will leave the decision to use these products entirely up to you. But if you don’t like the idea of taking pills each morning, we found some convenient creams and oil drops you may find useful. Let us know what you think when we see you in office!

Pain Relief Patches:

Lidocaine patches have been around for decades. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, brands, and strengths. Lidocaine is a type of local anesthetic designed to stop the pain receptors in your body from sending signals to your brain. In doing so, they interrupt the sensation of pain and work to keep you comfortable. These patches are generally used for common ailments like muscle aches and lower back pain. They provide a good alternative to oral medications and work well to directly target the source of pain. There are specialized directions you will want to follow before using these so carefully read and follow the instructions on the packaging.

Sleep Supports:

Having trouble getting to sleep after a hard day at work?Or perhaps you are looking to sit back and relax as the day winds to an end? Find one that fits your needs here. Melatonin is a naturally occurring hormone excreted in your body to help regulate sleep cycles. Studies have shown when taken in low doses it helps to induce sleep. It is very common for patients to report difficulty falling asleep after surgery so this may be of use to you. Along similar lines, the supplement Alteril also contains melatonin in addition to other ingredients intended to promote and maintain a restful night sleep. Many patients who struggle to stay asleep or continually wake up to readjust their leg after surgery may find this useful to get them an uninterrupted night of sleep so they are waking well rested and ready to work hard in therapy the following day. Lastly, a method as old as time to help relax you after a tough physical therapy session may be as simple as a nice cup of tea. The flavor you choose is up to you but the calming effects of caffeine free chamomile tea may be just what the surgeon ordered.

Over-The-Counter Medications:

Here you will find a variety of commonly used medications to manage arthritis. Consult with your doctor before using.

Tylenol and its active ingredient Acetaminophen has been used for decades to treat pain. There is a mountain of evidence to support its use in in many areas of medicine. It is often the first recommended medication your doctor will suggest when you are diagnosed with arthritis. It is likely something you have taken previously and are very familiar with. Chances are good you have a bottle at home already but if not, we tried to make it easy for you. Many of our patient who are no longer relying on prescription strength pain medications will transition to this medication after surgery. It is also ideal for people unable to take NSAIDs.

Aspirin is likely another medication you are familiar with. It is commonly used to promote heart health and is routinely recommended by family doctors around the world. You might be taking one a day already! In our practice, every patient that has surgery will go home on a blood thinner to decrease the changes of getting a blood clot. We use a variety of medications specific to each of our patients based on their medical history. If you were told you will be taking aspirin after surgery or are running low on your current bottle, this link is for you.

Use of the above Nutrients, Supplements, and Personal Care items are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. It is your responsibility to determine if these products are right for you. Your decision to purchase these products is done voluntarily and by doing so, you accept all liability and any potentially negative adverse health consequences. Discuss with your doctor before using.

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